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F.A.Q about Edge Dance Class at JBMDL:

Q: What should the dancers wear?

A: For any of the Hip-Hop classes, we always suggest to wear anything black (pants, shorts, tanks, T-Shirts) and sneakers. Creative and Multi-Edge classes should wear a bodysuit and tights. We suggest black bodysuit and pink tights. All dancers for these classes will need ballet shoes. Some of the combination classes require tap shoes - we can let you know if that will apply to your dancer at the first class. We have dance supplies available at our studios if you need help with anything. Please do not wear bedroom slippers to dance class - they are very slippery. We ask that dancers wear their hair pulled off of their face.


Q: Will they perform in a recital?

A: The dancers will perform "in class" at the end of the session. Details will be provided to the parents at that time- if other performance opportunities arise, we will let you know.


Q: Is there a fee for costumes?

A: That will be discussed if applicable- we try to keep costume costs to a minimum.


Q: Is there a way to contact someone at Edge Dance Center directly with questions or concerns?

A: You can always contact us through e-mail: admin@edgedancecenter.com or by phone at our Lumberton studio: (609) 702-8122.


Q: If the class is canceled due to inclement weather - how will we be notified?

A: There are lots of ways to get information about class cancellations. For Dix Elementary classes - if the school closes there are no dance classes. For the Youth Centers: we will follow the Base guidelines. The phone number for closures at the base: (609)754-Base. When possible, we also use e-mail to notify parents of any changes to our schedules, the Lumberton studio voicemail and our website: www.edgedancecenter.com.


Some other tips for successful dance class:

-We recommend that dancers use the restroom before the class starts.

-Bring a bottle of water to class for the older dancers.